Family Strokes – Trinity St Clair (Step Aunt Seduction)

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  • Family Strokes – Trinity St Clair (Step Aunt Seduction)
    Published May 3, 2018 by xxx

    Trinity St Clair (Step Aunt Seduction)
    Trinity St Clair (Step Aunt Seduction)
    Released: May 2, 2018

    Nate and his stepfather have not been getting along at all. It got to the point where his stepdad was calling his mom begging for an amicable solution. She reminded him that his sister Trinity St. Clair was a therapist and maybe she could help them. Stepdad thought this was a great idea and booked her for a session. She showed up and was blown away by how handsome the stepson was. She was giving him non stop looks of seduction. They started getting into the therapy and stepdad was getting flustered too easily. She had him go for a walk. Once she had Nate all to herself, she explained how much she despised her brother and how they should fuck and stick it to him. This family anger therapy turned into sex therapy too quickly and Trinity was covered in cum just as her brother returned. Who is to blame for this hot and hysterical masterpiece?

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