Sex Art – Emma Button – Let It Snow

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  • Sex Art – Emma Button – Let It Snow
    Published May 2, 2018 by xxx

    Emma Button – Let It Snow
    Emma Button – Let It Snow
    Released: May 2, 2018

    It’s all fun and games for cute couple Emma Button and Maxmilian Dior, racing down the snowy slopes on toboggans as Andrej Lupin’s playful and erotic “Let It Snow” begins – but it’s a lot more fun back in the warmth of the cabin. Emma looks adorable, her long blonde hair in a pigtail, as she lies on her man’s lap on the couch. She’s too horny to wait for him to make a move, and slides a hand into his jeans to stroke him as they kiss. He fondles her beautiful breasts as she gets him naked and wraps her lips around his huge, stiff cock, sucking it as deep as she can manage. She jerks him slowly and licks the length of his shaft, smiling up at him. Wriggling out of her tight pants, Emma straddles Maxmilian, sinking her juicy shaved pussy down on his dick with ease, taking him all the way in. She rides vigorously, bouncing up and down, grinding hard. Spinning around into reverse cowgirl, she takes him even deeper, both feet planted on the floor, squatting over his dick as he grabs her tits and ass, and strums her clit. She moves both feet up onto the couch, letting him thrust up into her energetically; he flips her onto her back, one leg over his shoulder as he takes control, jackhammering into her, driving her to an intense climax. Emma jerks her lover’s load out over her glistening skin, hot inside and out now, their snowy escapades forgotten.

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