JamesDeen – Wednesday Parker – Public Sex Adventure

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  • JamesDeen – Wednesday Parker – Public Sex Adventure
    Wednesday Parker is a super cute babe who applied online to have sex with James Deen. The pair film their interaction as they drive out of the state of California with intent to have sex. James Deen discusses with her all the potential repercussions from doing a porn scene. Wednesday doesn’t give a fuck and just wants to get slutty. Once they leave the state of California, she quickly convinces James to pull over and give her that porn star dick. They try to have sex in various places but don’t do a very good job. I guess they don’t do too bad. They keep getting caught because they are in public. I imagine that is part of the thrill of having public sex. Wednesday Parker looks super good sucking on James Deen’s cock. She loves being called a slut while she is pounded from behind. James is happy to give her everything she wants, including the very unsafe action of getting “road head”.

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