PureTaboo – Jill Kassidy – The Psychiatrist

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  • PureTaboo – Jill Kassidy – The Psychiatrist
    Troubled Teen Mom Confronts Daddy Issues with Sadistic Shrink

    SCENE opens on an close up of Sheila’s face, as she staggers down the road. The 19-year-old girl looksdazed. Her face is sweaty. Her clothes are wet and loose, hanging off her petite frame, and she isclutching a bundle tightly against her chest. She comes upon a shed and, looking over her shoulder tomake sure no one is around, carefully places the bundle between some rocks at the back of thestructure. A WORM’S EYE angle shows her staring down at it. She slowly starts to cry. Wiping her tears,she composes herself and walks off. As she crosses the front of the shed, a man steps out and catchesher. Surprised, he asks if she is OK. Not wanting to get caught, she runs off without saying a word,wiping the frame and leaving the man to wonder what she was doing behind his shed. He walks aroundthe back to take look and, after a moment, lets out a scream.

    Close up of Sheila sitting stone-faced. She is handcuffed to a chair while a police officer stands silentlybehind her. A well-dressed man enters the room and approaches her. Putting his hand on hershoulder, he tells the officer to remove the cuffs and wait outside. When the officer exits, the manslowly removes his grip and sits down on a chair opposite Sheila. They survey each other for a momentbefore the man asks if she knows who he is. She has no reaction. The man introduces himself as Dr.Powell. He explains that he is a psychiatrist who has been appointed by the court in her case. She saysnothing. Taking a deep breath, he asks if she knows why she is here. When she continues to be silent,he picks up his notebook and reads that she is here because of the June 7, 2017 incident involving herbaby. Sheila looks away, to hide her reaction, and mutters something incoherent. Dr. Powell pulls hischair a little closer. He tells her that she has been charged with attempted homicide and, since she is19-years-old, she is going to be tried as an adult. Her attorney, a public defender, is trying to build acase to prove it was involuntary abandonment. Right now, that defense is greatly dependent on thissession. The psychiatrist’s role will be to examine her and provide testimony about her mental state.His recommendations will provide the legal evidence that her attorney is hoping for — proof that she wasnot of sound mind when committing the act.

    He asks if she knows the difference between voluntary and involuntary? Turning to face him for the firsttime, she says blankly ‘Yes, I know the difference very well.’ Sensing her resistance, Dr. Powell sits backin his chair and smiles. ‘Involuntary is an unintential act committed by someone who has no spite oranger and no intention to cause harm.’ He speaks condescendingly. ‘It is very difficult to prove,especially in this kind of case, as I’m sure you know. But that’s why we’re here today … so, why don’t westart by you telling me what happened.’ Sheila turns away. Dr. Powell licks his lips. ‘How exactly didyou get pregnant?’ He asks. She says nothing. He stands up, adjusting himself subtly. ‘Was it one ofthe boys from your school?’ He asks, glancing at his notes. ‘Oh wait … you don’t go to school. You haven’t gone to school since ….’ Sheila cuts him off and tells him that she’s homeschooled. Walkingaround her, Dr. Powell asks her to elaborate — what was it like to be taught by your parents instead of aregular teacher? Did it make you feel isolated to be away from other kids? Sheila stares down at herfeet and tells him she wasn’t taught by her parents. She was taught by her poppa. Dr. Powell stopswalking. He licks his lips again, trying to contain the smirk forming on his face. ‘Was your father a strictteacher?’ He asks. Sheila looks up at him. ‘My poppa is everything.’ She replies and begins to cry.

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