Erotic4k – Chloe Amour – Oiled Up Booty

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  • Erotic4k – Chloe Amour – Oiled Up Booty
    Chloe struts around in her tight clothes revealing her breast, pushing aside her bra. Bent over, she slides her panties to the side sticking her fingers in her pussy ready to play. Shortly after she is naked face down on a massage table feeling the oil fall to her back by her lover’s hand. He rubs every crevice and soft spot, especially when she lies on her back. His big cock enters her mouth filling it up guiding her gag reflex. Moments later he kneels down to lick her pussy, inserting his stiff fingers as she twirls her clit. From behind, his cock kisses her gushy pussy as his mouth drools upon entering. Pounding her cunt, Chloe’s legs are placed sideways as the fucking continues. They switch positions and she gets on top slamming her pussy down on his cock. Ending up on her back again, the intense thrusting leads to her cunt being engulfed with his cum.

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